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Mobilid Purchase Module

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Module to create supplier orders.

This is an optional module for additional users. You also need to buy Dolibarr Mobilid which already has included this option for one user.


Simple order creation:

  • Select supplier from filterable, sortable and searchable list.
  • Add or edit supplier.
  • Order by supplier, select product from supplier.
  • Order by product, add products to new or existing supplier order (replenishment).

Add products and services:

  • Add product or service from filterable, sortable and searchable list.
  • Add one product by scanning product barcode.
  • Add items to existing draft order.
  • Alter items in existing draft order.
  • Validate - Un-validate order.
  • Multi user, updating orders will be locked for other users.
  • Keep track of order price totals.
  • Update product buy price.
  • Grant total discount, will be distributed on all order items.
  • Upload files to linked files of order.
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